* SO THERE GOING TO YOU,KNOW WHERE, ! ISNT THAT THE SAME PLACE WHERE THEIR FAMILY IS AND , its called Long Live the queen and their grandmother loves the Queen .

and their gonna probaly be put on public show all beaten up , … WHERE THEIR FAMILY CAN SEE THEM ??? LIKE NO REALLY  ? FREAKING OUT I NEED A TRAILER OR SOMETHING ! or a summary  of whats going down next episode ! llike omg


"To be seen as strong… I shut my own crying heart, inside of my armor. I always wear armor because I am weak! I could never take it off… I believed that the armor would protect me, but I was mistaken. That armor blocked the space that separates people’s heart from one another. Fairy Tail taught me how close people are to one another. How warm they are…"

~Erza Scarlet 

Anime: Fairy Tail

Amazing gifset made by: mycomicbook

whos watching ?

Zankyou no Terror Its my Fav Summer Anime with Barakamon.

and i both want a live action for them …. and staring who else ….


I always said i love Tori playing a villain but more anti hero , Zankyou no terror being made into a live action would be epic and i am only on 4 seriously.

and Barakamon is the cutest anime omg ! ID Love Tori to act alongside a little kid and have that sort of film ne who wants to see Tori act with a little kid as a MAIN ! ME !

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