Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Episode 44!

Shōgatsu time! And Shinkengers are sure having a lot of fun. But it looks like Tono-sama is hiding another mystery from his loyal vassals. Unfortunately, Mako-san didn’t get enough time to ask him properly, because enemies targeted Tono-sama directly and during his suicidal attack he was seriously wounded again. Looks like Tono-sama won’t be able to fight for some time, but… who’s that female warrior?! Ladies and gentlemen… here comes the very first female red warrior in Super Sentai Series! Wait… what?!

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If anyone took photos of me this weekend, please send them to me! I was Spoiler on Friday, Black Canary on Saturday, and Sweet Pea on sunday. (I didn’t stay too long on sunday.) Also anyone from the shinkenger group, too. please!

I’m glad that Caity liked my black canary outfit. My mom spent months putting the entire costume together.




I need a breakdown of all the shit Leonardo carries and their names. The little blade in his wrist wraps? What is that called? Just a knife? What the fuck else does he have concealed? And those things from 2007? You see them in other verses, but the metal things with the red cloth that he throws at Nightwatcher? What the fuck are those called?

I need to know these things for reasons.

ANYBODY KNOW WHERE TO GET this ? without going to that shop its got bad reviews when researching u dont get your stuff


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Episode 43!

Samurai don’t get Christmas… So, I’m sushi-ya! This is exactly where Genta-kun begins to shine. The whole idea to make sushi-ya a sixth member was absolutely brilliant and this episode will show you why. What’s the difference between justice and murder? Time for Genta-kun to show us his answer. And it’s time for Akumaro to fall, because it looks like he made one big miscalculation in his plan…

© 侍戦隊シンケンジャー Ep. 43


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Episode 34!

Time for Mako-san to face her childhood trauma again and overcome it. And as for us… For us it’s time to meet previous ShinkenPinkShiraishi Kyōko-san! Who’s played by Itō Kazue-san! Our good old Itō Kazue-san, who was in Super Sentai Series from very beginning (she played a small role of a little girl in Gorenger series) and became well known for SSS fans as Masaki Miki-san in Gekiranger series. Time for us to meet her again!

© 侍戦隊シンケンジャー Ep. 34

ah next week is a MIo episode and am more angry on it then excited.. i don’t know i just .. its gonna be another , Love spell episodes …. WHY DOES SHE GET FILLER … EPISODES …. even if its Tokkati turning hyper … still

I love Hikari and Right but couldnt we have had one girl and one guy doing Karate and being badass ….. or is that to much to show a Girl being badass…….

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