…lmao I just looked it up

the Shinkenger Blu-rays are $220 each

There’s only three of them though, so I think that’s still cheaper than buying the 12 DVDs (that are like $65 each)?  And apparently they include the Kamen Rider Decade episodes where he was in Shinkenger world, so that’s cool.

why are Japan’s prices for CDs and DVDs so crazy high, what the heck.

Yep they do and totally worth it ;D ! you get get them at just over 15,000yen on amazon , they do a deal with all three so you get about 15,000yen knocked off .Or something

colorfulinformant Thought  I See Fire By Ed Sheeran would Make a Wonderful Shinkenger video  * which it totally would *

I already had this song in Future Shinkenger Videos list ! So i did a Photo edit as i always do before making a video .

Please do not use or take without My permission thank you .

* I did have this song On My Future Shinkenger videos but now u posted it and am re listening to it am seeing a video in My Head.

IF you have any ideas on clips please let me know what to use and i will make it , cause i do tend to focus on My favorites but do ft the group .
So if you want the group let me know what u want .

MCM MANCHESTER DAY 2 : Afternoon : Yes i took My Treasured
Shiba Takeru Jacket to MCM , Being official scares me when i take it out cause nope can not be replaced.but i did take the sleeves off and left them at home haha it was hot today .

The Wig i got for Daomu was great so i got to do two cosplays in one day ;)! He’s My Number one Hero and as you know Shinkenger is Favorite Show.

* SHIBA TAKERU VS CLOUD ;)! haha i was using My Daomu sword we totally should of swapped : Just messing about at the end with one Of My Best Friends as Cloud .

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